What is an inflammatory accusation?

This post was redacted by Rod Dreher at the American Conservative. He took out all mentions to how denouncing violence by LGBT people is met with the same levels of cover up as in the CC scandal. The thread is on the CC sexual abuse scandal – Mahony.


“We didn’t know how bad this stuff was back then, and that’s why we didn’t call the police. That’s a self-serving lie. ”

To know there were problems, and that these problems were horrible (sexual abuse), several people knew, all the way up. Obviously, they did not have all the studies, reports, and lawsuit information we have today.

But weren’t just about every victim and activist of the CC scandal accused by the Church of making inflammatory accusations against the Church and were consequently  dismissed as people trying to malign those poor, nice little priests for years and years?

Sounds familiar to me. Every time we start pointing out how much violence any group with political clout does in society, like LGBT folks, for example, people in general, and especially their supporters, get uncomfortable and accuse you of being unjustly inflammatory.

80% of the reported abusive priests were men with a homosexual problem, btw.

In any case, there is a far more important question to be asked: why aren’t most sexual abusers in prison?  What does society do to identify potential abusers? Mostly nothing. What does society do to identify real abusers and bring the latter to justice?  Mostly nothing. What is society doing about the fact that most sexual abusers are not in prison? Mostly nothing.


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