CENSORED on PRI (Public Radio International) – The global rent-a-womb industry is starting to crumble

Another comment censored – this one responding to PRI’s article (Public Radio International):

The global rent-a-womb industry is starting to crumble

In the era of globalized trade, there are few things Westerners can’t outsource. The clothes on our backs are made in Bangladesh. The gadgets we adore? China. Our morning dose of coffee comes from Brazil, Vietnam and beyond.

Even Western babies can be nurtured in the bellies of foreign women — each one paid to endure pregnancy and the pangs of childbirth. Those arrangements, facilitated by the global surrogacy industry, have boomed in the past decade.

But there are signs that this trade in surrogate services is up against a formidable backlash.

Here’s the comment that I left – it was based on this post over at Alessandra Reflections:

Look at this case (Gay parents fight for custody with surrogate in Thailand – Ruth Sherlock, Washington – TheTelegraph UK). Not only at the case, but also how it’s framed by Western media.

It’s about two grotesque homosexual pigs who wanted to use a Thai
woman as a mule for carrying a baby that they were then going to take
away from the mother at the end – that is, surrogacy:

The Telegraph then reports that the Thai mother gave birth, but now
thinking of the well-being and the human rights of the baby, refused to
sign off the baby.

So the homosexual pigs stole the baby from the surrogate mother and
went into “hiding” – whatever that means.

They criminally stole the baby from its real mother. Who did not want
to part with the baby. But the case is even more complicated, because
this Thai woman just carried the baby, since the egg for the baby came
from an anonymous woman!

All because these turds of homosexuals refuse to go deal with their
profoundly deformed psychologies and treat their sexuality problems.

In other words, as other people have remarked, the rich West has now
gone beyond treating third world people like dogs merely for cheap
labor, they must now colonize the wombs of these unfortunate women, and
make them into mules for carrying the babies that they are too perverted
to conceive through a healthy man-woman relationship.

Lastly, look at the framing by the wealthy Western media – who’s portrayed as the victim? The two privileged homosexual pigs.

I hope the Thai government will not be bought by these two gay turds.
Alas, as we all know, money does speak loudly in a poor country. And
women and children have no fundamental human rights if there’s a gay or
lesbian pig wailing about something they want. In Western liberalism, is
there a right for a baby girl to have a mother? Never if homosexual
pigs are involved. All that matters is that she be given things (money),
which the two homosexual pigs have.

A new chapter of how nasty neo-colonization is: now at the level of a poor woman’s womb.

Alessandra Reflections blog


And it was CENSORED.




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