Unable to post comment about Hildabeast Clinton on Rawstory

In response to one more filthy rich Hillary shill, avowing by heaven and earth that the evil witch is honest – these people just spit the lies out like popcorn – my comment was censored.

This may shock you: Hillary Clinton is fundamentally honest

No, it won’t shock us because corrupt, shameless, wealthy Dems will say anything to get their louse elected.
And this was my censored comment:

And maybe, just maybe Rawstory is now pushing Hildabeast because Sanders keeps showing he has a better chance to beat Trump or Cruz…


We are unable to post your comment because you have been blocked by Raw Story. Find out more.


2 thoughts on “Unable to post comment about Hildabeast Clinton on Rawstory

  1. I cannot fathom why someone would vote for a lying and corrupt presidential candidate. I guess I could have have cut to the chase and said Hillary Clinton but there’s no fun in that. Would you let a foot surgeon perform heart surgery on you. The answer would be no because the foot surgeon is not qualified to do so. So people use your common sense, if you were blessed with any and vote for an honest candidate Mr. Donald Trump, my man can’t wait to see to see you drag that hag through her self made mudpit.

    • Hi,

      I think you’re building up unrealistic hopes. Trump can say anything he wants now, but first, he was a Dem before, and second, he has never dragged anyone through any mud pit, especially for corruption, and I doubt that he would if elected. He says what people want to hear now, because he’s a very clever politician and knows how to manipulate people. But he’ll stand together with Hillary against the common person any day when push comes to shove. Trump is all about money and power, not fighting corruption.

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