CENSORED/blocked on The Telegraph www.telegraph.co.uk

My comment below couldn’t be posted to this article at the Telegraph:

Donald Trump is the Republican Hillary Clinton: an epic fraud. Please vote for anyone else

The presidency of the United States is supposed to a moral pulpit. Donald Trump is not fit to stand in it

My comment:

Since Hillary has 30 years of criminal activity with Bill, plus the bribes (“speaker fees and that money-laundering foundation of theirs), plus all of Bill’s sex horror stories, including Epstein’s pedophile island – let’s just hope whoever it is will expose her until November. The rest doesn’t matter, because aside from Sanders, they are all crooks and mass murder neocons. But Sanders has no chance – in part, thanks to low info voters, including those of varied colors, stupid enough to vote for corrupt establishment Hillary

Their message: We are unable to post your comment because you have been blocked by Telegraph. Find out more.



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