Censorship at National Review Online – NRO – all my comments deleted re “More on Houston’s Harassment of Pastors/Annise Parker”

Here are the comments that the moderator deleted on the threads of a couple of articles related to Mayor Parker (or should we say Porker?) at National Review Online – NRO. All my comments at NRO are being systematically deleted.

More on Houston’s Harassment of Pastors


on National Review Online

Alessandra 3 days ago Removed

I’d prefer ppl spent their time and energy initiating the legal procedure to impeach the nasty Parker from office, since she is clearly unfit to be Houston’s mayor.


The Real Victim of Houston Pastor Story: Annise Parker

Alessandra 3 days ago Removed


@Alessandra_Ref – we shall not stand 4 gov control of our churches. Parker must resign. Contact mayor mayor@houstontx.gov, call 713-837-0311


Alessandra 3 days ago Removed

Aside from venting on the Internet, conservatives need to ask themselves
what can they do concretely to culturally slap back this disgusting
perverted woman who is now mayor of Houston and anyone else who
normalizes homosexuality. The problem many conservatives have not
realized is that LGBTs don’t want tolerance, they want domination and
control of society – and they will destroy our fundamental rights, and
will not bat an eye in the process, while claiming it’s more than
justified. So, 1) political action of all kinds to fight against liberal
politicians and political action 2) work to defeat new “sexual
orientation discrimination” bills and to repeal all such laws across the
US 3) do not employ any LGBT or person who is adamant about normalizing
homosexuality – you are only giving power and money to people who wish
to destroy you, your rights, marriage, a sexually healthy society, and
who will force you to submit to their nasty homosexuality agenda -or
suffer persecution – legal, social, financial, religious, cultural, and


Alessandra 3 days ago Removed

Every LGBT pervert is normal in their own mind


Normalization of homosexuality or freedom of conscience/religion – choose one


Alessandra 3 days ago Removed

Does it have to do with thinking that homosexuality is normal in Denmark and electing a homosexual pervert for mayor?




2 thoughts on “Censorship at National Review Online – NRO – all my comments deleted re “More on Houston’s Harassment of Pastors/Annise Parker”

  1. Did you ever learn anything more about how/why this happened? NRO is systematically deleting every comment I make right now. My comments have been sincere and contributed to the conversation, as opposed to trolling or troublemaking. No one will answer me from there when I ask about it.

    • No, given that I often get moderated or totally censored on different blogs, I don’t even bother. Most of the time it’s because I’m challenging liberal views on homosexuality and other related subjects. As for what happens to other people, I can’t even imagine. Maybe they have certain viewpoints that they just don’t allow, or maybe it’s just some intern doing whatever he/she wants… You can try writing to the author of the article by email and complain.

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