I have been censored and banned at ABCNews sites

I went to post my quick comment on the Arizona freedom of religion bill in an article published on ABC News (Arizona Governor Returns Home Amid Furor Over Bill PHOENIX February 25, 2014 (AP)) and…

We are unable to post your comment because you have been blocked by ABC News. Find out more.


When clicking on the “find out more” above, I got the following from Disqus:


“We are unable to post your comment…” error

This message indicates that you’ve been blacklisted from commenting on the site in question, you can contact the website for more information on why you were blocked. Note that while Disqus offers many moderation tools, we do not moderate comments ourselves.

My comment CENSORED on ABC News:  

Watch liberals throw the 1st Amendment down the toilet live this week in Arizona. My prediction is that Brewer will cave in to the gay/liberal-stapo. The 1st Amendment has been buried. It exists only as a joke and as a  reminder of a bygone era where it once was taken seriously and had any real meaning.

Predictably, all the CINOs jumped on the opportunity to kiss the gaystapo’s behind to get them some pink/center votes for upcoming elections (Gingrich, Romney, both Arizona senators: John McCain (R) and Jeff Flake (R) – with Republicans like these, who needs liberals?)

Predictably as well, and equally disgusting, were the usual gaystapo corporations trying to twist Brewer’s arm to veto the bill with all kinds of threats  (Apple, Delta, the NFL – the NFL? Talk about the power of homosexuals to corrupt institutions). I do not want Apple deciding what is religious freedom in this country – and who can and cannot have it – or any other entity that thinks they can dictate law (and trample on the most fundamental freedom rights) simply because they have a pile of money.

I still don’t understand why people don’t grasp that refusing to serve or work with people who have a destructive sexuality agenda is a refusal to support a political ideology – a right which can never be banned and which can never be equated to refusing service to a person because they have dark skin.

Conditioned people simply can’t think outside what they have been conditioned to think.


93 thoughts on “I have been censored and banned at ABCNews sites

    • Indeed, that’s essentially what I’ve been saying repeatedly here. It’s not some “vast left-wing conspiracy” (as the author of this blog would have it), I’M LIBERAL AND GOT BLOCKED TOO!

      You’re probably correct as to why. In the name of “moderation” too many websites (“left” and “right”) allow individuals too much power over who can and can’t post Comments. Determined extremists (from either side of the political spectrum) can end up blocking EVERYONE who’s views they disagree with.

      Then, again, don’t overlook the idiocy of PROGRAMMED “Nanny’s”: algorithms in the website’s code which look for “naughty” words and mindlessly censor (I’m sorry “moderate”) them. One such example was a site where you couldn’t type “Homo Sapiens” because of the presence of the word “Homo”. It also prevented people from referring to a former V.P. by his familiar nick-name “Dick” Cheney, but you could call him “Penis” Cheney!

      I shall retire to Bedlam.

      • ABC News, lake many other sites are being dominated by organized down-flagging. I posted some pretty tame but Putin critical comments and lost my privileges.

  1. I was banned two years ago for providing FACTS!!!! my comment was about how the media continues to sell the Ferguson “Hands Up event” was proven to be a lie and that the media still sells this lie…. Next thing i knew… Some fascist bootlicker at ABC banned my account permanently… Understand!!!! Nazis were socialist too!!!

  2. Just noticed I have been banned by ABC News from commenting at their site via Disqus. I know it wasn’t cuz I was rude. REALLY made me lose respect for ABC News, a site I will now avoid. Over a year ago The Hill also banned me, I avoid their site like the plague too. If these sites can not tolerate a difference of opinion politely offered, I can think of no greater proof that they are indeed a source of biased and fake news. Speaks volumes ABOUT THEM! I am heartened in seeing that innumerable others have experienced the same.

  3. One of my comments that was banned – simply “There are a lot of hateful comments on here.” – posted following several absolutely vitriolic comments directed against conservatives. This is a very sad and sick time in history. After just about any opinion I expressed was marked banned, I was no longer allowed to comment. I no longer read ABC news articles.

  4. I was banned from leaving comments on ABC News because I pointed out than in addition to whites, Arabs, native Americans, and the indigenous peoples of South America, ALL had slaves, or participated (in the case of black Africans, who sold other black Africans to white slavers) in slavery. ABC News – especially online – is incredibly biased. Another example: police shot an armed woman, who happened to be black, during a robbery attempt, and the ABC headline screamed, “Police shoot mother of three!” I DO believe that some cops are racially biased, bt seriously, a headline like THIS?

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