I have been censored and banned at ABCNews sites

I went to post my quick comment on the Arizona freedom of religion bill in an article published on ABC News (Arizona Governor Returns Home Amid Furor Over Bill PHOENIX February 25, 2014 (AP)) and…

We are unable to post your comment because you have been blocked by ABC News. Find out more.


When clicking on the “find out more” above, I got the following from Disqus:


“We are unable to post your comment…” error

This message indicates that you’ve been blacklisted from commenting on the site in question, you can contact the website for more information on why you were blocked. Note that while Disqus offers many moderation tools, we do not moderate comments ourselves.

My comment CENSORED on ABC News:  

Watch liberals throw the 1st Amendment down the toilet live this week in Arizona. My prediction is that Brewer will cave in to the gay/liberal-stapo. The 1st Amendment has been buried. It exists only as a joke and as a  reminder of a bygone era where it once was taken seriously and had any real meaning.

Predictably, all the CINOs jumped on the opportunity to kiss the gaystapo’s behind to get them some pink/center votes for upcoming elections (Gingrich, Romney, both Arizona senators: John McCain (R) and Jeff Flake (R) – with Republicans like these, who needs liberals?)

Predictably as well, and equally disgusting, were the usual gaystapo corporations trying to twist Brewer’s arm to veto the bill with all kinds of threats  (Apple, Delta, the NFL – the NFL? Talk about the power of homosexuals to corrupt institutions). I do not want Apple deciding what is religious freedom in this country – and who can and cannot have it – or any other entity that thinks they can dictate law (and trample on the most fundamental freedom rights) simply because they have a pile of money.

I still don’t understand why people don’t grasp that refusing to serve or work with people who have a destructive sexuality agenda is a refusal to support a political ideology – a right which can never be banned and which can never be equated to refusing service to a person because they have dark skin.

Conditioned people simply can’t think outside what they have been conditioned to think.


93 thoughts on “I have been censored and banned at ABCNews sites

  1. ABC News is ran by a bunch of lying, cheating, backstabbing, liberal gays and gay lovers that will do anything in their power to silence the opposition. They constantly make up lies that support their doctored reports on gay marriage approval, and they are the media mafia on what you can and cannot say. I left a comment about their new fake gay poll, and they banned me. This is what they do now. They cannot win any way, because they know they’re nothing but hacks, and when you show them they’re wrong they delete you. It doesn’t matter because they won’t win. They’ll never win. And we’re coming for them.

    • Couldn’t agree more. ABC is the worst of the worst when it comes to manipulating their comments section to make it appear the public supports their position. 100% dishonest. They delete posts, ban posters, and allow opposing comments to be attacked and ban anyone while banning anyone who strikes back. I don’t know if its ABC behind it or the nazi moderators they hire.

      But if you want to get back on, just reset your IP address by renewing your lease (google how to get a new ip address). Then delete cookies and sign back up with ABC News with a new fake email address (email addresses are not verified, so use anything).

      • Do you know how the NYTimes keeps track of how many articles you’ve read per month? They have a limit of 10 if you don’t pay. I changed the IP, deleted cookies (cookieculler) and LSO’s (betterprivacy) and it didn’t make a difference.

      • Alessandrar:
        If you use Chrome as your browser, you can just open an Incognito tab and you should be good to go. Not sure what other browsers have a similar feature.

      • Funny thing, I’m “liberal” and yet got banned too. Better rethink your “conspiracy theory” and consider that instead of “malice”, we’re getting banned out of sheer stupidity!

      • No, that wasn’t Anti-Semitic at all!

        For the record, I’m Jewish, and got banned at ABC too.

  2. Although its really OK as i found ABC news to be dull and boring and most of the stories were pointless and already been out for some time. Block me muther =–ers ! Don’t care abc.

    • Your comment about their news stories is dead on. Three quarters of their headlines are like, “See Kim Kardashian step out in a Polka Dot Bikini.”

      Don’t sweat getting blocked by the Nazis at ABC…plenty of better news sites out there.

  3. I merely pointed out about the Jewish center shooting that no Jews got Killed, and it was two methodists and a catholic and mentioned how strange it was a Rabbi said the man was asking who was Jewish and then shooting them because that discredits the rabbi, unless the guy was asking who was Jewish so he could make sure NOT to shoot them.

    I stated clearly it’s not a hate crime as the person carefully didn’t kill any of the people we’re told he hated.

    In all it seems fishy and…. well, I got banned from ABC News. I must have said something they were trying hard to not have said.

  4. I’ve also been blocked and my political stance is not conservative, or liberal, for that matter. I rarely comment and yet I’ve been blocked. Bizarre.

  5. I got Banned from ABC for pointing out the the Malaysian Airliner that got shot down over the Ukraine is directly or indirectly the fault of Russia.

    I’m used to having my comments on ABC repeatedly deleted, they rarely care for what I have to say, but Banned? Really ABC? How far will ABC go to silence decent? On leading right-wing publications, comment deletion is rare and you cannot find a link for “I got banned from ______ ” (fill in the blank right wing/libertarian leading publication). It just doesn’t happen. On left leaning websites, the links and complaints about deletion and banning are numerous.

    • Now that i think about it, i made several comments the other day on that article. In one comment where someone was attempting to point out or make the connection that the US CIA had orchestrated the coup d’etat. I asked a simple question, who benefits? The US benefits from stability while Europe and more importantly, France and Germany benefit most from a coup.

      Could that have gotten me banned?

    • I’ve regularly been deleted or banned from a number of “conservative” sites (such as FreeRepublic.com, the Daily Clash, and National Review On-Line). I also was banned from ABC, and I’m a “liberal”!

      Time to rethink your “conspiracy theory”.

  6. I was blocked yesterday and I have spent a lot of time trying to contact someone to ask why. I finally wrote to Iger and told him I have turned off ABC entirely in my house including ESPN. I had my cable company take that off.

  7. ABCNews is totally nuts when it comes to deleting comments. I just got one of mine deleted AND they even deleted the “this comment was deleted” notation. I don’t care what your point of view is, it’s the freaking INTERNET. SOME VERSION OF FREE SPEECH should apply. The ABCNews moderators need to get a grip. Seriously.

    • You know what!! I just had the greatest idea. We need an app (or other tool) that would keep track of banned comments and automatically post them to a site that everybody could see. YOu know that disqus improved their system recently regarding deleted comments. If your comment is short, you can still retrieve on your own disqus page. But it would be really cool if we could have a system where everyone could see what the moderators banned – like a public place. And in that way, we would “destroy” their censoring attempts.

      I am currently having all my comments to the “National REview Online” deleted by the moderator. Jeesh.

    • I agree, but I wonder if the “moderator” isn’t actually a human being, but an algorithm that automatically bans someone if they get flagged too often, or use the wrong words.

      I’ve encountered something similar with what I call the “Disqus Nanny”, which (on some sites at least) prevents using the familiar nickname for “Richard”, but has no problem with the proper term for a certain part of the male anatomy. The result? I couldn’t refer to “Dick” Cheney, but I could call him “Penis” Cheney!

      I shall retire to Bedlam.

  8. I haven’t been banned on ABCnews.com, but strongly agree that its moderators do a horrible job much of the time. Comments that don’t violate ABC policy at all get deleted, and many comments that DO violate that policy are allowed to stand. Just now, I left a comment for a story about a man who posted photos of his murdered girlfriend on social media, saying that it didn’t take long for we humans to remove the “social” aspect from it, considering what some use it for. Readers flagged my comment for removal, and moderators often remove flagged comments without even bothering to read them first. Readers can be tyrants too, ganging up on anyone whose comments they don’t like. And the comments that were not removed in this instance? Rife with jokes about the murdered woman and the abuse of women in general.

    • They deleted a comment I made regarding Howie Mandel. I felt people should not watch him as I am opposed to him renting an elephant for his wife’s birthday. Some of us feel this promotes elephant abuse as these animals belong in the wild or in sanctuaries. Then they finally put it back in. Got deleted over a comment I made about Adrien Peterson. I wrote to them that I would turn off all ABC and affiliate shows and I have. I have never been watched by anyone else and I have not been flagged by other readers. This is ABC. Aggravating Biased Censors.

  9. A whole slew of people were getting banned the other night in a thread about Ferguson. I don’t know if I have posted at their website previously, but I was banned after one post, which I’m assuming was deemed racist, since it was not in favor of the thugs that are going to go nuts and cause a riot, which is what some black communities do when given a green flag. I don’t care about ABC. I don’t watch any of their shows, nor do I purposefully read their website. It happened to be linked to Drudge. I don’t care about the ban, but I would prefer Drudge not link to them since they are the liberal PC police. I would say a huge percentage of people have been permanently banned, and not given any reason when they do it.

    Here is my email:

    Dear Mr. Drudge.

    Can you please stop linking ABC News articles on your page? I would say that a solid 40% of us have been blocked from posting at their site, so it’s getting a little frustrating to click on articles in which one can’t comment.

    Thanks in advance.

    • I was threatened by another poster that he would have me deleted. I did not use any four letter words. I stated my opinion, which is more or less freedom of speech. I wasn’t all that negative but I feel the issue is being mishandled by the government , starting at the top. I don’t know if it is ABC or Disqus, but I cancelled Disqus and I just don’t watch any ABC shows or channels. Not even for football. I would love to know who censors this because Yahoo and NBC don’t seem to have any problems.

  10. In response to an article about a kind police officer buying food for a woman who stole food from a store, I left the following comment:

    “In “Les Miserable”, by Victor Hugo, the character Jean Valjean is sent
    to prison for years for stealing bread to feed his sister’s children.
    When out of jail, he steals silver from a kindly bishop who gives him
    shelter in his home for the night. The police later see Valjean with the
    silver, bring him and it back to the bishop, and the bishop tells them
    that they are mistaken, saying not only did he GIVE the silver to the
    man, but that Valjean forgot to take silver candlesticks that he gave
    him too! The police let him go, and the bishop hands him the
    candlesticks and gives him words of encouragement. From this point on in
    the story, that act of kindness puts Valjean on a different path, and
    he seeks to redeem himself. A fictional story, but a moving one too, just like this one.
    The officer’s kind act might change this woman’s life too, make her think, and
    turn her life around.”

    It was removed. Why? What ABC policy does it violate? I wasn’t pushing religion, I was comparing two acts of kindness, a real one with a well known fictional account, and the comment was removed. It’s impossible to contact ABC about stuff like this. All you can do is fill out an online form that I swear gets sent nowhere. I sent a letter to ABC about good comments getting removed and never got a response to that either. Moderators either don’t bother to read viewer-flagged comments before removing them, or they arbitrarily choose to remove comments that THEY don’t like. Why does ABC not see this happening and do something about it?

    • The comment they blocked from me was nothing that was offensive either. I even tried to call their offices to complain, so I just made a simple decision. I no longer watch anything on ABC or anything they own and I wrote them and told them.

  11. Same thing happened to me. I have no idea why as all my comments are polite. Only reason I can think of is that I am a conservative.

    Most other news comment section will say ‘awaiting moderator’ and then they won’t post your comment. However, if you rephrase what you want to say, they will, indeed, post it.

    ABC can do what they want, but by censoring legitimate people, their credibility is zero. They would be fine representing N. Korea, or Iran, or even Peoples Republic of China.

    But I suspect that they are bowing to the Obama Regime and to the worship of far left liberal ideology.

    • Yes, you are blocked forever. You just need to get a new IP address (very simple, just google it). You can do that as simply renew your IP address in your router. Then delete cookies in your browser and go back to an ABC news story and sign up with a new fake email account. Email accounts on ABC are not verified, so use anything you want.

  12. I actually feel proud when I get banned by either ABC or CNN. Most of the time I am only stating HISTORICAL facts that seem to contradict the story at hand. Jews are OFF LIMITS! ISRAEL is OFF LIMITS! ……… I have been BANNED many times. I will not stoop to ROCKEFELLER terms, but you do have to learn how weak the elite are. DISQUE isn’t gold at banning anyone. Here is a hint …….. Clear your history and COOKIES and you should be able to have a DISQUE account once again to torment the ‘liberal’ media. ahahaha

  13. Don’t feel bad. I was banned too and my comments are not political in the least. I actually reviewed them and in comparison to comments that others post mine are really tame. I guess maybe its due to down votes. Freedom of speech only exist when whomever is in charge allows you to speak. You could block me from commenting here and there is not much I can do about it so in all honesty is anyone really “free” to share their opinion?

  14. I was also banned from ABC news for merely making a negative comment about how Obama is handling the Ferguson riots….. I did not use any bad words and was not disrespectful to anyone…. Welcome to our emerging liberal idiocracy 1930s German style…

    • I got the ban hammer at ABC today. But I may have deserved it for a couple things. However, most of my stuff was not that bad. I am figuring out they don’t like you to have too much of an opinion. Short, sweet answers are best. And stay out of arguments with people who provoke. I forget to let it slide off my back.

    • I just got banned, the removed everything dating back a month. I proxy servered, and re-emailed and got back on, to complain, ten comments later I was banned again…They banned my whole family….Jeez, the mob i tell ya!

  15. I goy banned by ABCNews necause I said that Starbucks was out of line preaching race relations to their customers who would probably just like to pay for their over-priced coffee and get on the way to work. Apparently, if you cast a bad light on liberals, they just ban you.

    • Anything to do with race. I got banned yesterday making some comment about the black ex reporter who killed the two white employees. I don’t know what it was that I said but, there are often extremely stupid and anti white comments made and they stay up.

  16. I made the mistake of quoting Maryland law on spring assisted knives in the Freddie Grey case.
    Comment was deleted and I was banned, I dont go on ABC that often. I guess I wont go on their sites ever again. Screw them…

  17. I was also BANNED by ABC NEWS for posting this, recently :

    These stories are being perpetuated for political reasons. It actually begins with “what” stories they choose to report, “What” they want people to discuss and think about, and nefariously enough… yes this is very criminal….”What” you are meant to deduce from the story they present you with. It is brainwashing, plain and simple but at an underhanded level that allows them wiggle room for plausible deniability. Yes, today’s Mainstream Media shares many parallels with not only the former Soviet Union (see Pravda circa 1960s-1980s), but also with some of the most ruthless cults and cult leaders to ever infect this planet. Great America is gone, as of today, and what we have now is an extreme immorality that is incomprehensible and unacceptable for most of us. Please pass the word to family, friends and all of those that you care about. Thank you for your time.

  18. Just got banned myself for making anti Rosie O’donnel comments. It seems I got banned for making too many anti homosexual comments. No profanity. Nothing outrageous, and got several up votes.

    • Same thing happened to me. I even wrote to them. My protest is now I no longer watch anything to do with ABC.   From: Censored at First Things – First Thoughts To: designerebrooks@yahoo.com Sent: Thursday, August 27, 2015 3:15 AM Subject: [New comment] I have been censored and banned at ABCNews sites #yiv3799799664 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv3799799664 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv3799799664 a.yiv3799799664primaryactionlink:link, #yiv3799799664 a.yiv3799799664primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv3799799664 a.yiv3799799664primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv3799799664 a.yiv3799799664primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv3799799664 WordPress.com renzo commented: “Blocked for life, no second chances?” | |

  19. Anything to do with race, and yet there are some commenters who continue to make anti white comments and they are allowed to keep their comments up. I made some comments about the black killer who shot the two employees from Virginia and now am banned. I can’t remember what the comments were, but they were in no way out of line and were voicing what everyone else was saying, no profanity or overly racist comments. I suppose because he is black, that he is sacred.

    • I also left a comment about Jorge Ramos the day before and I wonder if it was that comment that did it. I’ve read it only takes six downvotes to have you banned.

  20. My comments were removed and banned. The article was about a disgruntled mom who murdered the social worker who had placed her child in foster care. I said “God bless CPS.” Banned. I E-Mailed ABC and got a generic response from a box that doesn’t accept incoming mail. “As you can imagine, we get many messages, we can’t reply to them all… We encourage you to blah blah blah.”

    This is censorship. I took a lot of time and thought in writing my comments, provided facts and stats, did not offend anyone in the slightest, did not attack anyone, did not use any curse words.

    Pure censorship. This is fascist.

  21. I have not been to abc news in years and I tried to comment on a story today to find out my account was blocked. My husband comments there all the time, and he told me he was blocked, so they blocked all of our domain names including my son and daughter! It is definitely weird. I hardly post political stuff at all! There has got to be someone to contact.

  22. Interestingly, my comments have been censored (by The New York Times and some dumb online blog called Jezebel) despite the fact that I consider myself to be a ’60s style radical. Anyone who strays too far from the status quo is likely to be banned these days. Maybe we should form a Free Speech Party.

    • I think you are blocked because the left is becoming more fascist and that is not what the 60’s style radicals were about. New Left = anti free speech. ABC is creating a safe space where everyone agrees and no one is challenged into thinking.

  23. ABC censors anything and everything which doesn’t support their preferred ‘narratives’… One person asked for cites supporting claims about crime, so I posted the Department of Justice statistics and ABC banned me instantly and permanently.

  24. What do you expect from the propaganda news site where there is little to no truth. They are a mere mouth piece used to gather the sheep. You will not find any truth on that site or any other US News site.

  25. I was banned by ABC news across all website for one comment….Islam is a death cult.
    Free speech is not free… time to shut this company down along with corrupt evil disney company.

  26. I got banned for saying I didn’t like an episode of the Walking Dead… without using any foul language, remotely politically incorrect words, or even spoilers about the show. I honestly think the ABC News moderators are just bitter and bored.

  27. I was blocked from ABC news yesterday for being a Black person who showed some intelligence when posting a comment. Guess they want to loop us all in together even though there are 45 million of us in the U.S. They want everyone to think we’re all thugs etc… we have bad and good just like any other race. Just remember judge not lest ye be judged and God is real.

  28. ..and while I was not able to post my comment… they allowed this – “That’s because 93% of violent crimes were committed by blacks.” -whoop1995

    No supporting documentation, completely ignorant, inciteful and blatantly racist viewpoints are fine to post but a Black man with a gift for wordplay is banned.. LOL

    Guess I know who really runs ABC now.

  29. ABC deliberately and intentionally deletes posts and bans commentators to maliciously distort the opinions represented in their comment section. They are the worst of the worst. I guessing they only hire transgenders to work as moderators. In any event, if you’ve been banned, it’s not that hard to regain posting rights. You just need a new IP address. Google how to do it; it’s really quite easy after getting access to your router. Then delete cookies, go to an ABC news story and sign up again. You don’t need a real email address, it’s not validated. Make up anything and you’re back on.

  30. I deleted my Disqus account yesterday because of my comments on ABC News getting removed. I had the gall to say Bill Clinton had bad policies that contributed to our economic crisis during Bush’s presidency. I didn’t even say he was solely to blame. I linked facts to back it up. But now I know Disqus isn’t for discussions, it is for creating a safe space group where you do not have to think or ever question what the media is telling you. Also, I now feel like I have confirmation that it really is true that “mainstream” media isn’t just accidentally biased. They are intentionally shaping what people think.

  31. I was just banned from ABC comments for supporting Trump snd stating that Hillary lies about lieing. Well, I read over there terms of use, which are Disney’s terms of use….didn’t know they were owned by Disney, anyway, I can’t figure out how to contact a moderator. Guesd I will reconsider Disney Vacation Club and definitely give up my Disney Chase card since Disney is now the “thought police.”

  32. I was banned for strongly objecting to the White police officer being charged with manslaughter in Tulsa for shooting a Black suspect who clearly demonstrated threatening behavior.
    The press has the freedom to suppress!

  33. Moderators at ABC make no sense whatsoever. I haven’t been banned, but have seen good comments (mine and others) removed, and offensive comments allowed to stay. I know that readers can flag comments for automatic removal, but that isn’t what I’m writing about, it’s removal by moderator. Here’s an example: I called people (anonymous people) who vandalized a church “idiots”. My comment got removed. Based on ABC guidelines, it was because I engaged in a “personal attack”. Seriously? You can’t call anonymous vandals “idiots”? But a quote by a politician calling someone an idiot? No problem for ABC, they’ll publish it. I swear that certain moderators will take a dislike to you – especially if you protest the removal of a comment – and go after you left and right, “because they can”.

  34. I am so glad that you posted this. I thought I was the only one. ABC censors any pro conservative remarks on its website. If you click on the article about “Trump receives 270 electoral votes” go to the comment section; they’ve removed every pro Trump remark in the comment section. Very sad.

      • His explanation could still hold truth, if deletions are due to moderator bias, and I think many are. I’ve seen perfectly good comments, liberal and conservative, get removed, with no violation of ABC policy evident in them. Some of this is due to readers flagging comments for removal, but not all.

  35. I was just banned by ABC, not sure why. My comments never contained obscenities, were never personal attacks, WERE often conservative in nature, (as well as liberal. I straddle both divides) and were often appreciated by other readers. After fuming for a few days I came to realize that I had been addicted to commenting! Yup! It can be an addiction. Who doesn’t like getting up votes? I also came to realize that I DON”T NEED ABC. I now get my news from CBS, NBC, and the BBC, my urge to comment being “cured” thanks to ABC.

    Oh, I found this interesting too: I posted a question/comment on the Disqus site re: the ban and ABC moderators seeming to be biased at times. I said that I was sorry that Disqus – a great vehicle for communication and the sharing of ideas – couldn’t ask ABC to moderate differently, as deleting comments that don’t violate policy and banning people for leaving the same, was a slap in the face to what Disqus stands for. Disqus deleted THAT comment! Then I realized: ABC is a paying customer. Mustn’t offend a customer. I’ve had it with Disqus too.

  36. Many comments get deleted by intolerant readers, and on ABC, “liberals” fit that description, disliking even moderates such as myself. I had two comments removed the other day re: sex accusations made against Cardinal Pell. I didn’t say he was innocent, I said that he was innocent until proven guilty despite certain readers just “knowing” otherwise, pointed out that one cardinal years ago, Bernadin, had been falsely accused, and added that Pell should most certainly go to jail – if found guilty. Anti-religion types, out in full force, flagged my comment for removal, one telling me that “of course” Pell was guilty because “he’s a priest”. Another person said that pedophilia was caused by “abnormal celibacy”. I told him that most pedophiles were not celibate, but straight and sexually active – and that got removed too.

    I mention this just to illustrate the intolerance that comes from moderators and readers on ABC. You can express an opinion that doesn’t violate any policy, and seemingly most of the time, a coterie of like minded, online “friends” (who give each other up votes all the time) will flag so that their view “prevails”, which of course means that in their sorry little world, they “win”.

  37. Dear Nicholas:

    Don’t be so quick to blame this on “liberals”. I’m a liberal, and go banned too! Indeed, on other websites I’ve been BLOCKED by “conservatives” (or “libertarians”) so they don’t have to see my Comments.

    Why, it’s almost like having contempt for Free Speech and Open Debate ISN’T the exclusive possession of “liberals”!

    As for “Anti-religion types”, please don’t assume they’re all “liberals” (much less ONLY “liberals”). And please remember there’s a distinction between those who wish to destroy Religion (whom I call ANTI-Theists) and Atheists (who simply don’t believe in Religion).

    Being a Liberal, and a retired attorney, I agree with you that the Presumption of Innocence should be applied. Indeed, I think it’s needed in the “COURT” OF PUBLIC OPINION more than anywhere else!

    Finally, let me say that I found nothing “moderate” in what you wrote.

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