H.M. Stuart from Alexandria/Aleksandreia.com site lies about my exit from his shoddy site

Last year, around November, I was contacted by a certain self-called “H.M. Stuart” who purports to run this Alexandria/Aleksandreia.com site. He explicitly invited me to come write and blog on his site. However, Stuart soon showed himself to be a cheap and stupid host, incapable of civil debate. I had saved a copy of Stuart’s display of idiocy here, but he has complained that it infringes his copyright (along with several fraudulent claims)! For the moment, I want to focus on something else though.

It looks like cheap Mr. Stuart goes around the Internet trying to goad people to come to his site, just so he can engage in petty put-downs while they try to discuss serious issues. As I explained before, I didn’t imagine he could be such an asshat and didn’t spend much time  reading much of the site before I joined.

But it didn’t take long for Stuart to show how cheap he is. See the infantile level of put-downs he apparently lives to make in lieu of  adult arguments:


Examples: “Your response reveals you to be instead merely a busybody who randomly wants to tell others how to live based on nothing greater than your own idiosyncratic psychological preferences, no different than any pretending social conservative who would be fine with Catholicism so long as they jettisoned the symbolic cannibalism of the Eucharist. Feel free, of course, to try again to demonstrate how your sourceless individual knowledge of anything at all trumps the well established socially conservative standing of polygamous Mormonism.”

If, as with the term tautology (which you could, of course, looked up), you simply don’t know what a principle is or what empirical evidence is, or how both differ from subjective opinion and knee-jerk psychological response, or why both distinguish objective public discourse from the private life of the subjective mind, this type of argument may simply be far beyond your abilities. The nature of your responses would continue to suggest so.             My apologies for taxing you beyond your means.

This is way too stupid for serious debate. After such a display, I decided to take my leave from his blog. As a result, I wrote one last post on the subject, announcing to the group that “I work here was done” (Patterico blog insider joke -in case you don’t know it). On Dec 22nd, 2013, I wrote my last post on Alexandria:

To Renee: Alexandria’s host is clearly cheap and stupid – what’s the point?

As was evidenced in two recent threads on polygamy and the destruction of marriage, Alexandria has a problem with its host. All other participants are capable of disagreement and debate, and all kinds of contributions, without stooping down to petty and infantile put-downs. Our “host,” however, is not. He gave me a grand display of how cheap and ridiculously stupid he is.

So, what is the point of Alexandria? The Internet is full of losers like H.M. with whom we can spend an eternity exchanging the type of put-downs he thinks he is particularly clever in making. If H.M. is going to invite people to come contribute to his little site, he should mind his manners. If being a frustrated little idiot is all he can be, there are more interesting places to be. Even his attempted put-downs were so rickety… nothing to be gotten even from that!

As you may know, I have my own blog and Alexandria participants other than it’s lame host are welcome to come discuss anything there.

=============(end of my post at Alexandria)=================

I didn’t go back to the Alexandria site after posting this. But I saved on this Censored blog the two discussion threads on polygamy, because H.M. Stuart could delete them at any moment, without warning – it’s his site. I wanted to save my debate. I think the subject matter is important, likewise for the points and the counterarguments I made.

Awhile later, I received a comment on this blog from a certain John E. (j_edens@prismnet.com), a blogger at Alexandria, complaining that I was infringing on his “copyrights” by having copied his post and a few of his comments in those two threads here. He wanted me to delete his writings. (One must note that I have a Fair Use right to comment on what others write and debate with me, but that’s not what I want to focus now. However, I must note that even John E., who matches Stuart’s desperate desire for pettiness when losing arguments, recognized the Fair Use issue on a post he wrote on Jan 12th, 2014, over at Alexandria. In it he wrote:

Our Now ex-Fellow Author Allesandra made a wholesale copy and paste of my post in violation of my copyright. I made what I considered a reasonable proposal that would allow her to use my work in that form and gave her a week to agree or remove my work. The deadline passing, I initiated a notice under the DMCA. In an amazingly quick response to my sending in a notice of violation, the original cut and paste job was replaced by one that – arguably – does not violated Fair Use.

Without drifting too much away from the point of this post, it appears that John E. has lied about initiating this DMCA notice. Not to mention what he claimed is a “reasonable” proposal – nothing other than infantile provocations. But as I said earlier, all of that will not be the focus of this post.

Getting back on topic, after  receiving a DCMA complaint from J.M. Stuart on Jan. 31st, which contains fraudulent elements, I went back to take a look at the shoddy Alexandria site once again. And what do I discover? J.M. Stuart had written a post solely to lie about why I stopped contributing to his little blog. (Why Author Alessandra Is No Longer With Us) On Jan 2nd, 201, he had posted: “Author Alessandra has been removed from Alexandria for having violated our Terms of Service.”


Let us point out that Stuart claims to have  “removed” me after I had left.

Well… nothing like lying! It seems Stuart is too peeved and exasperated with the fact that I had no more interest in writing anything to his little collective blog after my last post in December. Moreover, in the post above, Stuart spuriously claimed I plagiarized a post! Only if he means I plagiarized my own writing, because that’s the only writing I ever claimed to write.

Stuart is clearly lying about many things. So one must wonder: Does lying make Stuart’s little self feel better? Is this how he tries to save face in front of the rest of the Alexandria group?

Does it bother him so that the real reason I am no longer writing at Alexandria since Dec. 22 is the level of stupidity so intensely displayed by him, along with his rinky-dink rudeness?

We can only guess that the answer is yes. Or why would he get his panties into such a knot over my saving on this blog two of my debates over at Alexandria about an issue that I am seriously concerned with?



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