Small comment CENSORED at NCR – Can Pope Francis Help End the Culture Wars?

Censored at NCR – Article: Can Pope Francis Help End the Culture Wars? by Michael Sean Winters  |  Sep. 26, 2013 – Apparently I have been banned at NCR, since I get an automatic message that I’m not allowed to post on the thread. Winters wrote:

In this article at the Washington Post’s “On Faith” blog, Robert Christian, editor of Millennial, poses the question and offers the hope that if everyone (yes, that includes the bishops!) really listens to the Holy Father, we might be able to get past the culture wars.

This is my censored comment:

I have no quibble with the Pope drawing attention to any major and minor problem in the world that he feels need more attention. Where I think he has completely failed is in trying to take attention away from major “culture war issues.”

That’s the point of my recent post “The new Pope, the Catholic Church, and homosexuality: a fish rots from the head down” on my blog. Excerpt: “The Catholic Church is finished. Not the Church itself, which will be around for millennia, but that Church and that Catholicism that is the cornerstone of a healthy, wholesome social conservative approach to life, including in the spheres of relationships and sexuality, and which has this approach as one of the cornerstones of its religious principles.”

If liberals adopt a healthy and wholesome ideology regarding sexuality, the culture wars are over. Anything other than that is a complete sellout.


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