CENSORED at Torah Musings: Can Conservative Religion Survive Gay Marriage? My response.

I recently tried to post a comment to this thread “Can Conservative Religion Survive Gay Marriage?” by on August 28, 2013 at “Torah Musings,” a Jewish blog. It was censored.

While I find the article very well written and researched in many respects, Goldman espouses a pro-homosexuality agenda that is particularly in denial about the harm it does, and is thus quite harmful for society:

Let me make clear that I am in favor of tolerating male (as well as female) homosexuality. But there is a difference between treating all human beings with dignity and declining to make an issue of sexual preference as practiced in private, and sanctifying homosexual practice. There are many homosexuals who in all other respects lead exemplary lives and make important communal contributions, and it is not up to us to pass judgment on their character.

Goldman refuses to acknowledge that people are responsible for their psychological problems in the area of sexuality and relationships, which means they are responsible for investigating them and resolving them – not pursuing them.

Proclaiming that people should pursue dysfunctional and perverted sexualities simply because such perverted desires are generated in their minds is particularly unsound. And yet this is the cornerstone of current liberalism. And the reason why we have so many people with so many harmful and destructive behaviors in the area of sexuality and relationships – once you believe that your perverted sexual desires come first, there is very little to stand in the way for you to sexually harass, make unwanted sexual advances, sexually exploit, sexually degrade, that is, sexually transgress in every way.

Obtaining gratification for perverted desires is today considered sacred. We note as well the extremely bourgeois quality of this kind of attitude – that’s why this sexuality attitude is the one fanatically adopted by our current elites and bourgeoisies – but not only.

The thought that sexual kicks must be pursued “without restraint or examination” and that this is progress is just what everyone with an unethical mind wants to hear.


Here it my CENSORED post:


The fact that you are so connected to FT certainly doesn’t bode well, but here is my answer:

“Can Conservative Religion Survive Gay Marriage?”

No, neither can conservative anything.

Here’s an episode that illustrates why: When I criticized the normalization of  homosexuality in a liberal blog I stumbled upon recently, I was met with only insults and incivility. While I did not respond in kind, I was then told by the blog owner that he was right to behave like a cad because it’s what everyone who questions the normalization of homosexuality deserves. And given that I had not been uncivil, so by his own comment policy he had no grounds to censor me, he then stated that any idea that questioned the normalization of homosexuality is incivility itself (heresy or Anti-Americanism, in other contexts).

Therefore, such ideas and such people must be banned from society. When I pointed out that he was reasoning no different than a petty ayatolah, and simply shutting down dissent because he lacked the capability of debating and sustaining his points of views, this was his response:

“There is a difference between actual dissent and the marketplace of ideas determining that certain viewpoints are so obnoxious that they should likely be kept to one’s self.”

Thus, “actual dissent” is dissent that doesn’t dissent from his homosexuality agenda, something that could have been taken out of Animal Farm.

The “market place of ideas” in his mind has been reduced to him, a very ignorant liberal, who thinks any criticism that reveals his stupidity on any subject is “too obnoxious” and must be censored.

The market place of ideas must be shut down, because too obnoxious.

The discourse and cultural strategy of homosexuality agenda proponents is to black-civil-rightsalize their movement to normalize homosexuality to its extremes so that anyone who disagrees will be branded a horrible racist, segregationist, anti-abolitinist, etc., with ideas “so obnoxious” that they must be chased from any public forum, aside from every institution, research center, and company. “Tough shit” that you have a moral conscience and an ethical religion. It’s over.

As another commenter on TAC (The American Conservative) very pointedly noted: a social conservative and liberal world view cannot co-exist. Socons who have fallen for the lie that “gay” is OK and that it’s nice to applaud it so that liberals will view them as “tolerant” and “evolved,” are going to be partly responsible for allowing the liberal bull-dozer that’s advancing (culturally, academically, politically, and legally) to shred socons’ rights to pieces.


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