Censored (Northwest Herald- Our View: Urge church to reconsider stance on Boy Scouts) – Comment about Perversion Files and the Boy Scouts

In this site, there is an article about the boy scouts’ latest debacle. They have a clear homosexuality agenda. As a result, the moderator keeps deleting my post on the BSA’s Perversion Files.

Our View: Urge church to reconsider stance on Boy Scouts

By The Northwest Herald Editorial Board – Created: Thursday, June 6, 2013 5:30 a.m. CDT


my comment


Jason Felch, the LA Times reporter who investigated 1,600 of the Boy Scouts’ “perversion files”, reported that the files revealed a pattern of grooming behavior shared by the suspected molesters.

According to the article, “In hundreds of cases, Scout leaders allowed the boys to drive cars, drink alcohol, or look at pornography. They gradually tested physical boundaries during skinny dipping, group showers, sleepovers, and one-on-one activities.”

By spending one-on-one time with a boy, giving him gifts, and allowing him to break the rules, the abuser gains the boy’s trust and sets a tone of secrecy that will continue throughout the relationship.

To outsiders, the abuser seems like a great guy who loves kids or youngsters.

As the article also points out, after an abuser has gradually tested boundaries, they will use a boy’s inebriation from alcohol or their arousal from watching pornography as an opportunity to make their move and molest the boy or engage in other sexual activities with an adolescent.


Their repeated deletion of the post led me to post this one (which was not deleted):

And why does the moderator keep deleting my comments regarding the investigation by the LA Times into hundreds of molestation and abuse cases in the BSA?

Good grief – what kind of a mind do you have to want to cover up abuse to protect the perpetrators?


And the “Perversion Files” post was deleted after my first post was also deleted – CENSORED:

Good bye, hasta la vista homosexual BSA. The time to splinter is now!

People with a homosexuality agenda just lie and they lie and they lie…

And it’s countless boys out there that are going be sexually harassed and molested because of the liberal obsession to normalize homosexuality and run away from telling people with homosexual problems that they are responsible for investigating them and resolving them.

It’s the boys who will pay the price for the demented actions of liberals to normalize homosexuality. I was told in Canada, membership dropped 50% after they sexually perverted their Boy Scouts.

For a female version of how these “open” boys with a homosexual problem will target other underage boys, all one has to do is to read the Kaitlyn Hunt case.

And after all these gays molest other boys or statutorily rape them, liberals will say the same thing they said for Kate – they are “just exploring their sexualities…”

Every single study that has tried to prove any biological determination regarding homosexuality has been shown to be false, incorrect or a fraud. http://alessandrareflections.wordpress.com/not-born-lgbt/

the BSA have been completely corrupted – both morally and financially – it’s all about the money from big sponsors who are now pushing a homosexuality agenda – A DISGRACE!


This is so typical from people who are viciously promoting a homosexuality agenda. All criticism must be deleted, and especially any awareness of how much abuse and harm LGBTs do in the world must be erased and censored from the public space.

In addition, in this thread, I hit a nerve with a nasty homosexual agenda bigot (snarkysnob), who wrote several posts just making nasty personal attacks – the typical drivel from people who think homosexuality is normal. But this was telling:

Alessandra wrote: “It’s clear who the perverts are here…”

snarkysnob replied : “It’s clear who the perverts are here…”  Bad daddy?

It’s the second time I have encountered this very same insult on liberal sites very recently when I criticized the normalization of homosexuality and the boy scouts issue. The  insult was made by commenters with different nicks so I don’t know if it’s the same person, except that they are men. I find it quite telling, even shocking, the degree of nastiness that they are reaching for – the obvious implication of a perverted satisfaction of an imagined sexual abuse by my father. Think about it – what is the mind of this individual like? Not only that, if the site has a liberal moderator, even if you flag the comment, they will not delete it. It’s no euphemism to call this the culture wars.

This is such a good example of how psychologically deformed people who normalize homosexuality are. Thinking that homosexuality is normal and preaching that people with a homosexuality problem are “gay” has nothing to do with making society better, or with treating people better; it is all about people with the most vile and perverted views about sexuality wanting to push them as normal and to virulently attack anyone who criticizes them.