Censored on First Things/First Thoughts (Thread: What I Mean By Acceptance – Melinda Selmys): The reality that some priests who abused boys were very much an embodiment of “gay subculture” is denied on FT

This comment was censored on the First Thing/First Thought blog (I’m banned from commenting there). Yet David Nickols, a disgusting man with a homosexual problem and an aggressive homosexuality agenda is given full reign to write on FT promoting his agenda.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013, 2:51 PM by


David said: “Priests who abused minors were not part of the “gay subculture.” They did not subscribe to gay publications, hold positions in gay-rights organizations, and march in gay parades. “

My banned comment:

Paul Shanley, as just one example, proclaimed everything that “gay subculture” proclaimed, from complete normalization of homosexuality/bisexuality to the sexual exploitation and abuse of adolescents as normal.

Of course, the examples David cites above would not have been permitted by the hierarchy.

Shanley “just” sexually abused and exploited in real life youngsters with a homosexual problem – instead of buying a porn magazine showing the same. After years of this, he abused young boys, and afterwards he had sexual activities with men.

In this respect, he is much more an embodiment of the grotesque homosexual subculture than those who merely “subscribe” to homosexuality magazines.


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