“Gay marriage” is the symbolic way to pretend homosexuality isn’t perverted, dysfunctional, and disordered

This was a smart comment on the ideological strategy behind the push for homosexual “marriage.” (I have more to say, but not much time to blog right now))

Matt in TX says: (The American Conservative thread)

Mr. Raimondo’s argument — gay people are already so high-functioning, they don’t need marriage! — is really something.

Check out the HIV statistics, buddy. And I mean the HIV statistics *today*. People may not be dying en masse, but even now, in 2013, 1 in 5 gay men are infected, according to the CDC.

Think about when gay marriage first started to get advanced among gay people themselves. Here’s a hint — look in Larry Kramer’s “The Normal Heart.”

Read Steve Sailer’s theory on why gays decided to go for gay marriage.

“By superimposing the legal and social constraints of heterosexual marriage on gay relationships, we will succeed only in de-eroticizing them.”

Yeah. That’s the point. Gay men in the 1970s and 80s literally killed themselves with their debauchery. Jonathan Rauch may not be able to come right out and say it, but people like him know that.


In short, Americans hate to face how dysfunctional and deformed they are regarding sexuality and relationships.

Something just occurred to me. Think about what is written above: in a way it is as silly to claim that you are going to resolve how perverted and perverse LGBT people are with “marriage” as it is by the claim that it can all be “prayed away.”

Although many actions and interactions in life, such as prayer and other religious-based interactions, can impact a person’s psychology, including any profound problems a person may have, religion still does not have, by a long shot, the knowledge that is available through psychological investigation and treatment for mental illness or disorders. Religion acts more on a moral and ideological level, and it can also act on an interpersonal level. So religion can act more on underlying causes for homosexuality that relate to these last mentioned spheres, but do less for other more profound or unconscious causes. (So this needs better articulation, but I have no time now).



4 thoughts on ““Gay marriage” is the symbolic way to pretend homosexuality isn’t perverted, dysfunctional, and disordered

  1. But the thing that made it even possible for marriage to be other than between a man and a woman was the defacement of marriage through no fault divorce and contraception. No fault divorce makes a nonsense of marriage’s indissolubility: and contraception in marriage made it harder to resist other sexual perversions. (for make no mistake, contraception is a sexual perversion).

  2. Homoerotic behaviour is a SIN: and because we are sinners, all of us, we do not understand sin, or sin’s causes. One of the reasons why the church got into such a mess over child molesting priests was that she fell into the trap of accepting the then wisdom of the world about that matter: priests were sent for counselling, therapy yada yada, instead of being submitted to church discipline for a heinous sin. ( In the 70s, as I recall, the wisdom of the world was that child molestors could be ‘treated’ and cured). When we stop judging actions, and try to explain/excuse people on the grounds of the secrets of their hearts, it seems to me that we are doing exactly what is forbidden in the text so often flung at the heads of those who proclaim moral absolutes – judge not etc. Actions are susceptible of judgement: hearts not – or not by us, but only by God.
    But the acceptance of the perversion of contraception has made it very hard to resist homosexual propaganda.

    • I disagree – there are many perversions that can be changed or cured. The problem with the scandal priests is that many went for ineffective therapies, were not cured of anything, and continued to molest. And the Church was often fully complicit.

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