Censored (The American Conservative -Dreher- What’s The Big Deal, Anyway?): Another case of a bisexual woman engaging in sexual misconduct

Censored (The American Conservative -Dreher-What’s The Big Deal, Anyway?): http://www.theamericanconservative.com/dreher/whats-the-big-deal-anyway/

I recently came to know of another case of sexual misconduct, which I think highlights how egregious liberal attitudes about sex and sexuality are.

A white woman, who is married, is one of the spouses of a missionary couple. Now these are the kinds of missionary who raise money to go abroad (to very posh places) on an “evangelizing” mission, and basically get a paid vacation to do very little real work – something I am getting quite fed up with how often it happens.

Now this couple sets up a Bible study group once a week and it’s basically all the “work” they do on their vacation disguised as mission. They are professedly a member of a conservative denomination, against gay marriage, adultery, etc.

The missionary woman then proceeds to make sexual advances to one of the women in the Bible study group. Now, this isn’t any monstrously aggressive behavior. But that’s the problem. It’s not because it’s not extreme that it doesn’t do real harm.

The misconduct included a few instances of touching arms and shoulder, a couple more forcefully, under the guise of friendliness. This was accompanied by some weird insinuations, which then were complemented by looking the woman’s body up and down, and lasciviously staring at her chest a few times in her face, ignoring that the targeted woman was by this time angrily staring back at the harasser.

I would like to highlight first of all, how disingenuous liberals are when they say that LGBT people are a minority and are equivalent to other victimized groups in society.

There is nothing about this woman that makes her a victim in any way. She is piece of bisexual crap who goes around sexually harassing other women. This is exactly the profile of so many LGBT individuals: privileged and doing harm with impunity. She is a self-called Christian, white, well-educated, and belongs to the comfortable middle-class.  She is part of so many majorities we lose count. Yet, liberals call her a sexual “minority” – a minority, as in oppressed, disadvantaged, or ex-member of slavery – it’s ridiculous. And if we consider that a majority of individuals in society either do harm or are negligent about harm in the area of sexuality, then she is also part of this sexual majority. Also, the liberal claim that this bisexual woman was born with a perverted mind and can’t help it nor be accountable for anything is also hogwash.

Regarding the violations, the bisexual woman violates the relationship with the targeted woman. The targeted woman would have never wanted to have any contact with this woman had she known what she was like, because she was looking for a real Bible study. Neither would she have consented to any form of touching. So there is also the violation in respect to grabbing the other women’s body with a perverted goal in mind, and without the consent of the other woman, in order words, complete sexual objectification. This kind of touching  is a sort  of symbolic rape because of the level of humiliation  and appropriation by deceit. It concerns how she attacks the dignity of the targeted woman. But from a liberal perspective, people do not have a right to their dignity.

Then there is the violation in respect to her marriage and her husband- which liberals don’t care about either. And last, but not least, there is the violation in respect to  what she professes to be doing (teaching the word of God) and what her perverted mind is actually perpetrating. But it is too late.

Today, people are subjected to pernicious and humiliating experiences by LGBT people constantly, and many liberals think what this bisexual woman did is normal and everybody should put up with this. Just like Cardinal O’Briens’ behavior, which also mirrors the disgusting homosexual character in Downton Abbey, who the Lord jumped to protect while minimizing the sexual harassment he had engaged in. “He’s just like us,” was the disgusting line.

I have counseled the targeted woman not to take formal action, given how many ugly experiences I know of when people do make formal complaints for this level of misconduct. The sexual harasser has no qualms about what they did and they will do everything to deny the wrong-doing and protect their reputation. The religious organization the missionary couple is mildly linked to does not inspire any confidence, and I imagine for them, the institution comes first. It would be very hard for the facts to be believed. It’s the victim making the accusation who can be easily maligned in the fight – being harmed twice in the end, and obtaining no redress.



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