CENSORED (What Same-Sex Marriage Means by Andre Archie- The American Conservative Blog ): debate on homosexual marriage

CENSORED: My comment debating the promotion of homosexual marriage at The American Conservative.

I have not read the book; it sounds quite good. My critique regarding Corvino’s position is that it is based on a larger move to normalize homosexuality, a grave mistake. That in itself invalidates any position to promote homosexual marriage through same-sex marriage. People should be accountable for dysfunctional psychologies regarding sexuality; they should investigate their psychological problems and resolve them. American society largely tells people they should either normalize their psycho-sexual problems or ignore them. That is why we see so much promotion of promiscuity, porn, infidelity, abortion on demand, and homosexuality/bisexuality as normal, and so much cover up of instances of sexual abuse, exploitation, and harassment.

Another point, although called “same-sex” marriage, this is a mis-nomer, because the relationship in question is not designed for two sisters who want to care for each other (in a non-incestuous relationship). It’s not same-sex marriage that is being discussed, it’s homosexual marriage.

“Corvino defines marriage as involving a “couple’s commitment to each other and to society that they are each other’s main line of defense in the world, for life. It [marriage] is an exclusive commitment, not in the sense a spouse doesn’t care for other people (children, friends, parents), but in the sense that only one person can be your Number One Person.”

So many things are wrong with the above, including the fact that this would be the type of relationship that two sisters could have. And if marriage is something “for life,” then there can be no divorce… Exclusive means no infidelity or multiple partners, and we know just how American society behaves in that respect, especially the people who want to legalize homosexual marriage… it goes on and on…


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