CENSORED (The American Conservative – Counterculture Conservatism – Bacevish): Social conservatives should sell out – NOT

The American Conservative – Counterculture Conservatism – Bacevish

How to revive the flagging fortunes of the Republican Party might matter to some people, but it’s not a question that should concern principled conservatives. Crypto-conservatives aplenty stand ready to shoulder that demeaning task. Tune in Fox News or pick up the latest issue of National Review or the Weekly Standard and you’ll find them, yelping, whining, and fingering our recently reelected president as the Antichrist.


So forget about dismantling the welfare state. Social security, Medicare, Medicaid, and, yes, Obamacare are here to stay. Forget about outlawing abortion or prohibiting gay marriage. Conservatives may judge the fruits produced by the sexual revolution poisonous, but the revolution itself is irreversible.


My CENSORED comment:

Laying claim to the flagging cause of raising children to become responsible and morally centered adults. Apart from the pervasive deficiencies of the nation’s school system, the big problem here is not gay marriage but the collapse of heterosexual marriage as an enduring partnership sustained for the well-being of offspring.
But if people are told that they should never take responsibility for their psychological problems related to sexuality, that is fundamentally the same message they get told about relationships.

The big problem isn’t exclusively “homosexual marriage.” Trying to legalize homosexual “marriage” is part of a larger movement to normalize homosexuality. And what is the move to normalize homosexuality part of? A larger liberal movement to normalize basically all kinds of dysfunctional attitudes and behaviors related to sexuality (porn, hookups/promiscuity, prostitution, spreading STDs, abortion on demand, etc.). That is, these are all ways that deform and degrade sexuality and people. That is the *big* problem. Not to mention all the issues related to sexual violence, molestations, harassment, etc.

You cannot preach about marriage if you are telling people at the same time that having dysfunctional ways to relate on an intimate sphere are fine and represent progress. That is neither responsible nor moral.

Liberal ideology is about denial of how profound and widespread problems with sexuality are in society. Instead of holding people accountable and telling them they need to resolve their sexuality problems, they normalize them all. At the basis of sexuality, there are relationships. Dysfunctional and harmful attitudes about relationships is what is being normalized by liberals when they normalize homosexuality, porn, promiscuity, etc.

The liberal recipe to be negligent about every problem related to relationships and sexuality is a disaster for society. It’s popular, it gets votes, but it is a disaster. Social conservatives need to sell their views better, not pimp themselves out for a couple more corrupt votes.


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