Censored (at the American Conservative): Post talking about homosexuals perpetrating violence

The Unmitigated Gall Of Cardinal Mahony

Censored at the American Conservative – by Rod Dreher:

Thomas wrote: “Just as we do not equate a man abusing a girl with heterosexuality, so it is incorrect to equate a man abusing a box with homosexuality.”

Indeed, I don’t know of many people who equate a man “abusing a box” with homosexuality. What happens in reality, though, is that many people with a homosexuality or bisexuality problem abuse, harass, exploit, and denigrate others in sexual contexts. In other words, by saying that no one should equate homosexuality with abuse, you want people to think that homosexuals never abuse, harass, etc. Or you largely minimize and deny the bulk of cases. And that’s the greatest lie liberals currently promote in society. So, every time we point out just how much abuse and harm LGBT people do, liberals say that we are trying to pin all abuse on LGBT people. The objective is none other than make everyone dismiss or trivialize the real incidents.

It is a fact that there are homosexual activists who abuse babies and adolescents and adults, and sometime torture them to death. It is highly dishonest to want to cover this reality up, but that’s the approach liberals take to sexuality. And that in addition to all the LGBT perpetrators who aren’t “activists.”

According to liberals, we can only talk about abuse perpetrated by so-called heterosexuals, because then nobody is accused of trying to “pin abuse on heterosexuals.” Then it’s fine. Then there’s no problem in the “approach.”

Another problem is how people use the word heterosexuality. A man can be sexually perverted towards females of any age. If a man has a sexually perverted mind towards adult women, most people call him a “heterosexual,” but if he is perverted towards a girl, then he gets another label (pedophile). And if he is perverted towards adolescents, then most lay people don’t even label that as anything specific (“heterosexual”), or they might throw him in the “pedophile” category, if there is assault involved.   In other words, the aspect of how sexually perverted an individual is is usually only highlighted by common vocabulary if it relates to children. This is partly explained by the fact that society (people with privilege) does not care much about sexual perversion if it’s on an adult level.


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