Censored (The American Conservative): Comment highlighting sexual violence, promiscuity, and STDs by homosexuals in reference to the new rules for Boy Scouts

The Boy Scouts, Gays, and Civil Society Minding Its Own Business

Galupo, who is on his crusade to normalize homosexuality, wrote:

Thirteen years later, the BSA has signaled, with a microcosmic nod to the principles of federalism, that it will let local chapters decide whether to admit gay scouts and scout leaders.

So instead of a controversial legal remedy, followed by years of embittered acquiescence, the BSA is changing voluntarily. The Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins would insist, not without reason, that we should use the word “voluntarily” advisedly. “If the board capitulates to the bullying of homosexual activists, the Boy Scouts’ legacy of producing great leaders will become yet another casualty of moral compromise. The Boy Scouts should stand firm,” he said in a statement.

Time will tell if the Boy Scouts’ compromise renders their mission, well, compromised. But it strikes me that private actors adjudicated this conflict on their own. It required no diktat from the executive branch or the federal bench. Social peace has been preserved.

Reform, sometimes, is organic.

Says civil society: “Yes we can.”

My censored comment:

Time will tell as well if all the cases of homosexual sexual harassment, assault, and exploitation within the BSA will ever come to light in a society that is intent in cover-ups.

The BSA will be one more organization to tell teens that they are not responsible for investigating or resolving all the underlying psychological problems that lead a teen to develop a homosexuality problem. Apparently they are on their way to normalize not only homosexuality, but sex outside marriage/committed relationship, promiscuity, and porn. The new BSs are going to address these problems as much as liberals do, that is, they aren’t.

In the UK, the “Gay Men’s Sex Survey in 2006 found that 25 per cent of men aged 14–19 had had one male sexual partner in the last year, 41 per cent had had two to four, and 34 per cent had had five or more.”

Coming to a BS’ group near you, along with all the STDs.

JB: “But no matter how the Boy Scouts came to change their policy, our son will never participate in BSA until and unless they change back to their original policy. Millions of other parents will make the same decision, that’s my prediction.”

Have you heard of the Heritage Girls? Time for decent people to take their boys out of any new dysfunctional BS and regroup in a new organization, just like many girl groups have done.

This was the original BS oath: “To help other people at all times; to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight.”

People with a liberal/homosexuality agenda morally straight? Not straight, and most of all not morally straight. Sad to see the BSA turning into a load of liberal sexuality BS.


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