CENSORED (in Christians and LGBT Bullying): Criticism concerning lack of civility from homosexual poster

Monday, December 17, 2012, 2:23 PM

David Nickol commented: “As must be clear, I am almost always in the minority here, and so when I make a point, I try to make it as forcefully as I can without being too aggressive. I try to respond by criticizing ideas rather than the people who state them, but I don’t always succeed. You seem like a nice person . . . unlike all the others. 😛 ”


CENSORED – Heather replied:

“unlike all the others?”

oops it looks like David went on another personal attack spree again…

It also looks to me like a good example of his “anti-other people” animus.

If David had good arguments, he wouldn’t need to be aggressive, just reasoned, and he wouldn’t need to make personal attacks at others.


Added here: But since Nickol is just a sockpuppet of the homosexuality agenda FT writers, he doesn’t get censored while making his cheap shots against social conservatives. And he is certainly not in the minority at FT. Many of his views are largely encouraged, while counter-arguments are censored.


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