CENSORED: criticism concerning the term “gay”

Friday, November 30, 2012, 3:45 PM – by

David Blankenhorn wrote:

“First, as to what I mean by the term “gay people,” I mean what nearly everyone means when they use this term. I mean that some persons have same-sex attractions; and that some of those persons with same-sex attractions have sexual relationships with persons of the same sex. ”

I commented (CENSORED):

To note: I don’t think the term “gay” – if we consider how “nearly everyone uses the term” – can be reduced to “attractions.”

David has left out thoughts, attitudes, and ideologies – and apparently everything that would fall under demeaning, vicious, and dehumanizing sexual dynamics – which “attraction” usually doesn’t cover.

If an individual has perverse homosexual thoughts about someone, but these are not of the “attraction” kind, in many cases this person would  still be displaying “gay” dynamics.

As far as the term is mostly used, the criteria for “gay” is that the individual approve of his or her own sexual psychology – no matter how deformed, dysfunctional, or harmful.

According to “gay” sexual ideology, it doesn’t matter what an individual is – in terms of quality, ethics, wholesomeness – it only matters if he or she gives it his or her own seal of approval.


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