CENSORED: How much liberals are hostile and bigoted towards conservatives

FT post: (Does It Make Sense to Speak of “Christophobia”?Thursday, November 29, 2012, 1:43 PM ) – excerpt:

Writing for First Thoughts earlier this month, Mark Movsesian sounded some notes of caution against the use of “Christophobia”:

The hostility to Christianity one encounters in the West is mostly ideological. What we have is a struggle between competing worldviews, one of which seeks to win by excluding the other, which it sees as irrational, from public debate. This strategy is illiberal, ill-informed, and childish, but it is not really “phobic” in the way we normally use that term. It reflects not so much a visceral antipathy to Christians as people as a desire for Christians to keep quiet and stop retarding social progress.

Now, things may be changing. When critics denounce Christians as “bigots” — for maintaining the traditional understanding of marriage, for example — that does imply a personal judgment. Bigots are bad people; you wouldn’t want them living next door to you or building a gathering place in your neighborhood. You wouldn’t want your children to associate with them. Maybe the ideological struggle in the West is becoming a personal one, in which Christians are seen as comparable to racists. I don’t think we’re there, yet, but I concede there’s evidence we may be heading that way.


The following comment in reply to the above post was censored:

Mark wrote: “Maybe the ideological struggle in the West is becoming a personal one, in which Christians are seen as comparable to racists. I don’t think we’re there, yet, but I concede there’s evidence we may be heading that way.”

How naive Mark is. You know what Mark needs to do? He needs to interact in small groups of liberals where no one knows who he is and what he thinks and just listen to what they say about conservatives and/or Christians (even worse, in their view) when they believe they are “among themselves.”

Then he would find out the ugliness of the minds of many such liberals. And the more they are strident about normalizing homosexuality, the more they despise and hate Christians. Christians are viewed as equivalent to racists and as bad (or evil) people. Conservatives are backwards, narrow-minded, stupid, ignorant, and they do not want any Christian living near them. In fact, their idea of a Christian community is a horrible place to be avoided and in which they would hate to be in.

Given that I often participate in such little experiments, I can mention two recent conversations that clinched so well their attitudes.

Lib: I just came back from spending some time in city X (city in the South).

me: Oh, how was that? I’ve heard it’s a great city. It’s a place I would love to move to and live there.

Lib: Uh, yeah (hesitation)… but there is something you need to be aware of. (Woman turns very serious and ominous) It is FULL of Christians.

When she hit the “Christians” end of the sentence, she emphasized it with what could only be described as a matching, distasteful, “you know, those AWFUL people” look.

All and all, it was clear that she was trying to be a good Samaritan from her perspective: let me give you some friendly advice here so that you don’t naively go there expecting it to be a nice place and find yourself surrounded by those horrible human beings.

Not to reproduce the entire dialog here word by word, and moving further along, I then questioned the woman why all those (horrible) Christian people would be a problem.

The woman was first stunned for a fraction of a second with my question, because she realized that, contrary to what she had first assumed, I was not someone on her “despise and hate those backward, bigoted, god-awful Christians” side. It was obvious that I had not thanked her for her kind advice and agreed with her distaste towards conservatives. And she had been quite candid, hadn’t she? Not only that, in a matter of seconds, she realized that I could be  – gasp – perhaps one of those horrible people myself.

Have to say the (bisexual) woman with an obstinate homosexualist agenda lacked no social skills. She backtracked all the way saying that, no, no, they were just fine, it’s just a little different…

Isn’t it precious what people have behind their little social masks?

In my second little conservation snippet, ultra-liberal woman says her brother lived in city X (of the South).

“But,” she added hastily, “not with the larger population. He’s not one of the conservatives. There’s a pocket of liberals in the city, and that’s where he lives.” Don’t confuse my brother with THOSE people – her look said. Having cleared any potential assumptions of her brother as one of the evil Christian ones who largely populate the city, and who could potentially tarnish the entire family by association, it was time to proceed. I had just said, like in the first conversation that I would very much like to live in that city, causing again surprise, followed by great suspicion. Were we not all among liberals here? A more emphatic declaration of why conservatives were evil was obviously in order, to assert the Truth and the Light that guides liberals, since in their midst there was someone who, it appears, did not go along with her way of thinking. With utter distaste and disapproval in her voice, she launched forward:

“Conservatives are horrible people. They are backwards, and racist, and they are always telling other people what to do. They are just disgusting. They don’t accept others; they’re always so critical of people who are different from them. How could anyone want to live near those people?

I can’t stand them.”

This woman represents what I mostly encounter in terms of self-awareness when it comes to liberals.


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